We're featured in the US - Israeli Bridal Gowns

Anne's article about Israeli wedding dress designers has hit the US! Featured in the February 2018 issues of Oregon Jewish Life & Arizona Jewish Life

The Rise of Israeli Wedding Dress Designers


Canines at Casa Cala

We love dogs at Casa Cala and we totally understand when our brides & grooms want to bring their pups to photograph with them. We can even provide a babysitting service for dogs during the wedding!


Winter Wedding in Israel

It’s true that most weddings in Israel take place in the warm months – ask any wedding planner or event venue manager and they’ll tell you - May and September are the strongest months of the year. But that’s not to say that weddings don’t take place in the winter. They do! And not only that – some of the best photos we’ve ever seen for wedding location photography – have taken place here at Casa Cala in the winter.


A Boutique Bridal Hotel

A boutique hotel for brides? Yes, and it’s about time!

Casa Cala can actually be called a bridal hotel. It is a unique place for brides to get ready for their wedding and to return to with their brand new husbands. Located in a stunning villa overlooking the golf course in Caesarea, it offers everything a bride needs, and more!


Honeymoon in Israel

Israel is a fabulous place for a destination wedding. And as for a honeymoon destination - Caesarea is the ideal place!


Villa for Bride & Groom

Casa Cala is not just a private villa for rent in Caesarea; nor it is “just” a luxury house sitting on the golf course. Casa Cala is a very unique private villa catering to brides.



When Natasha got engaged to Adam, the question of where to get married was significant. Scotland, where his family is from? England for hers? Or a whole new exotic setting? Yup, that’s what they decided. While Israel may not be exotic for most, it holds a very special place in the hearts of Jews the world over – and to choose Caesarea as the venue a few weeks before Rosh Hashanah – what could be more perfect?


From London with Love

Thanks to the very kind referral of Adi Porat Tavor of Simcha Maker, Abigail from London reserved the Bridal Suite at Casa Cala for the day before through the day after her wedding. She didn’t need a hotel in Caesarea or a boutique B&B – because she found us - and we're so glad she did!


Wedding Preparation Suite

There is no better place for preparing for your wedding, and spending your first night as husband and wife than Casa Cala. 


And they meet!

You can actually feel the tension in the air - moments before the bride & groom meet for the first time on their wedding day.

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