Bridal Suite in Caesarea

Her wedding is the most anticipated day of a girl’s life. Where she prepares for it should offer everything. Casa Cala does just that.

The bride arrives in the morning and is welcomed into The Bridal Suite on the Upper Level. There are two en-suite bedrooms and a sunlight-filled lounge – all designed specifically for hairstyling, makeup application and dress fitting. At noon – lunch for everyone! Afternoon – photography in the garden with its magnificent views. Then, off to the wedding and back here for the first night of marriage. Delicious breakfast the next day and the start of a new life!

For emergencies – iron, safety pins, glass of wine to calm the nerves? – Not to worry – owner Anne comes to the rescue. For a tranquil, beautiful place to get ready for your wedding in the central/northern part of the country, Casa Cala is the place.