Bridal Makeup Tips

Casa Cala provides an ideal setting for bridal makeup application.

Eastern & western-facing terraces provide a light-flooded Lounge Suite, a high chair enables the makeup artist to work on the bride in comfort, and there are plenty of surfaces to spread out colors, creams, brushes, etc.

According to Marketa – internationally recognized makeup artist – here’s what a girl should know about bridal makeup:

  1. Choose carefully – make sure you like the person you hire.
  2. Meet the makeup artist in advance – so that she can suit the makeup to your face and personality.
  3. Experience counts! Professionals understand the face’s anatomy and know which products to use and what techniques to employ.
  4. Bridal makeup does not have to be heavy in order to be lasting!
  5. Know the setting – indoors or out? Air conditioning or heating? Windblown or humid?
  6. Make sure she respects your wishes!