Wedding Video

The perfect wedding video - gorgeous bride, handsome groom, a talented team of photogaphers and the perfect spot - Casa Cala!

This is a wedding video that says it all – one of the sweetest brides ever; an amazing mom; fabulous family and an adoring groom. What more could one ask for?

When Rotem and her radio personality mom Rina showed up, it wasn’t clear who was the bride. Rotem’s whole family – gorgeous! Adorable! Happy!

The family arrived early in the morning, followed by the makeup artist and hair stylist. Sweet Rotem started to get ready with her nearest and dearest around her. Lunch was served, everyone was happy and relaxed and then the photographers – video & still – came on the scene! Video and pictures in the rooms, getting ready, of the bridal dress, the bridal shoes, the handsome groom and of course the beautiful bride. And then the moment everyone was waiting for – when the groom meets the bride for the first time on their wedding day!

There’s nothing like seeing the face of a loving groom who sees his future bride for the first time – indescribable! Look at this wedding video and see if you don’t agree.