Wedding at Bayaar

The wedding venue Bayaar, located in a forest in Hadera is so close to Caesarea that our brides can easily get ready here and head right over there. And that's just what Talya did!

What a fun day! Talia was getting married at Baya’ar in Hadera – so Casa Cala in Caesarea was the perfect place to get ready. First to arrive was her sister, with her darling baby, and sister-in-law. Soon after, the lovely bride and two more sisters.

At 10 (okay, so it was 10:30) breakfast buffet! The bride was vegan, the others were not. A bit of menu planning but we did it! Quinoa salad with herbs, baby peas & pomegranates from Anne's cookbook , tortillas (no eggs), guacamole, Greek salad, sautéed tofu cubes, a selection of cheeses, celery, date & pomegranate salad, fresh bread, fruit platter. (We saved dessert for later). Roni Even, the makeup artist arrived and everyone enjoyed a delicious meal in the main dining room.

As the day wore on others showed up – more happiness and giggles. Then the sweets with the Cava toast. And then the photographers (Gil Kovalchuk & Idan Tiran) and the shooting began. And then…

THE GROOM! Rani arrived looking handsome, and a little nervous. But as soon as he greeted his bride in the garden, everything was fine. The beautiful couple posed for photos and left for their wedding at Baya’ar. The rest of the team got ready and off they went as well.

Wishing the beautiful couple a lifetime of happiness.