Wedding at Al Hayam

It was a perfect match. Al Hayam, the wedding venue on the beach in Caesarea, was the setting for the marriage of Gal & Odi. And when they looked for a private villa to stay in – they found Casa Cala!
They arrived on Thursday afternoon, before their wedding on Friday. A relaxed evening and a good night’s sleep was followed by a morning spent getting ready and enjoying a delicious brunch at Casa Cala with wonderful mom Ofra and best friends.

The celebrations weren’t over after the wedding. Gal & Odi came back to Casa Cala and spent their first day of married life here – a honeymoon at Casa Cala, Caesarea!

“Thank you for your hospitality – it was an extraordinary experience.
The suites are spacious, lovely and beautifully decorated. The landscape is amazing – perfect for relaxing.
Service was warm and extraordinary – paying attention to all the little details, you gave with a full heart. There is no doubt you are a part of the success of the great experience of the bride and groom on their wedding day.
Thank you with all my heart,
June 7, 2015