Wedding Day Photography

Photos of the bride and groom on their wedding day preserve precious memories for a lifetime, so selecting the right location to shoot those photos is very important. Casa Cala is a perfect place for a bride & groom to get ready on their big day, and our indoor and outdoor locations are idyllic for wedding day photography.

There is lovely garden and large pool with stunning views that overlook the beautiful Caesarea golf course. There is a side garden with a romantic bench for two under the lemon, lime trees and hibiscus trees. Wherever the photographer chooses to pose the bride and groom, there will be a magnificent background.

Because Casa Cala is beautifully designed and has been recognized by international publications, there are many interior shots that enhance the romance of wedding day photography. The walls are painted in a soft pink/taupe tone which is a flattering backdrop for every complexion. The terraces on the upper level provide a perfect setting for dramatic sweeping views and the possibilities for drone photography here are endless.