And they meet!

You can actually feel the tension in the air - moments before the bride & groom meet for the first time on their wedding day.
Casa Cala is the perfect setting for that very special first meeting. The bride has been getting ready here, sometimes sleeping over the night before. She's had her hair and makeup done, usually with her closest friends and family surrounding her. The photographers have arrived, they start shooting her in different poses - buttoning the last buttons on her wedding dress, or she's putting on her shoes, or touching up her lipstick. Its all about getting her ready not just for her wedding but for that magical moment when she sees her groom for the first time. 

Sometimes the first meeting takes place outside by the pool. Occasionally, upstairs in the Bridal Lounge, or outisde on the Upper Level Terrace. Wherever it is, the friends are nearby holding their breath. The mom is often standing close by doing all she can not to get choked up. The music starts, the groom is waiting with his back towards his bride. As she approaches him, she gently touches his shoulder, he turns around and sees the beautfiul woman he is about to marry. Talk about moments frozen in time!

There is nothing quite like it and Casa Cala is so proud to provide the beautiful background for that very exciting experience.