From London with Love

Thanks to the very kind referral of Adi Porat Tavor of Simcha Maker, Abigail from London reserved the Bridal Suite at Casa Cala for the day before through the day after her wedding. She didn’t need a hotel in Caesarea or a boutique B&B – because she found us - and we're so glad she did!

She arrived the night before her wedding with her very best friend Andrea and the two of them had a relaxing, fun, totally spoiling evening together. Early the next morning, even before the makeup and hair professionals arrived, her future father-in-law showed up with a bouquet of red roses. How cool is that???

Throughout the day here, an atmosphere of joy and happiness prevailed. The bride was relaxed and gracious, her friend was loving and supportive and the hair & makeup people could not have been nicer! We had Roy Daniel & Team for hair and Jaqueline Lawrence for makeup. They enjoyed a great lunch together, as well as a toast L'Chayim. Abigail's mom and grandmother got to join us and the great mood continued when the photographer showed up. (Tomas Photography)

Abigail observed the traditional Jewish custom of seeing her beloved groom David only when she was walking down the aisle (and not meeting him first here), And what a moment that must have been! 

We got to meet him the next morning and it looked like the couple were off to a great start to their marriage. May it be a long and happy one!