Villa for Bride & Groom

Casa Cala is not just a private villa for rent in Caesarea; nor it is “just” a luxury house sitting on the golf course. Casa Cala is a very unique private villa catering to brides.

Casa Cala (also known as Casa Caesarea) is a special place for brides and grooms. It is located in a beautiful house with everything a bride and her bridesmaids need to get ready for the wedding; its location provides stunning photographs of the bride & groom meeting for the first time right before the wedding; it can accommodate the family of the bride and groom in beautiful suites; and offers gourmet meals in an warm, welcoming setting.

The concept of Casa Cala is to provide everything a bride needs on her very special wedding day. With noted author and lifestyle writer Anne Kleinberg running things, the lucky bride who gets ready at Casa Cala, in this beautiful villa in Caesarea, will have wonderful memories to treasure forever.