Canines at Casa Cala

We love dogs at Casa Cala and we totally understand when our brides & grooms want to bring their pups to photograph with them. We can even provide a babysitting service for dogs during the wedding!

We’ve had several couples ask if they can bring their dogs here for a photo session. And although it’s a bit complicated because there are two dogs that live at Casa Cala (Panda, the Husky mix & Marley, the Shih Tzu), we can’t say no. So as long as the dog is not destructive, and will just be here for the photographs, we’re all for it!

We have Adi, the wonderful groomer, who can sometimes babysit your dog at her home, as long as it will get along well with her own doggies.

Want your dogs to join you for a bride, groom & dog photo session? Come to Casa Cala!