Wedding Planning Par Excellence!

When it comes to preparing for the most important day of your life, hiring a wedding planner can be one of the smartest things you'll do.
When Yifat & Saar decided to get married, they entrusted Orin Events to take care of all the details. Boy were they smart! Every aspect of the process was taken over by the company in order to relieve the couple of as many burdens as possible. As the place they decided to get ready for the wedding was Casa Cala, we had the honor of hosting this lovely couple, and their friends and family. By the time the bride arrived on the evening before her wedding, we were  shaking with fear because of the endless phone calls and emails checking on every little detail!

Do you have a large wall-mounted mirror? Yes.
Do you have low chairs and high chairs for makeup and hair styling? Yes.
Do you have enough light coming into the salon where the work will be done? Yes, as a matter of fact it is situated between two terraces - the light is amazing.
Do you have a speaker for music? Yes.
Do you have an iron? Yes.
What about a professional steamer? Yes, that too.
Are you on site in case anything is needed? Yes, of course.

I was not so thrilled with all these questions, as this business has been growing and growing for the last several years and we know what brides need. We know what we're doing - you can trust us!
"I know, I know! Its just that we want every litlte detail to be right, we want our bride to feel pampered and catered to and everything should flow smoothly."
I reassured her and double checked that everything in the Bridal Suite was just right.

When Yifat arrived, with a gorgeous smile on her face, I knew she would be a pleasure to host. And although she had a team of 16 with her - friends, family & professionals, everyone was wonderful and happy and grateful. We fed them and prepared enough food for everyone, including some new  specialties that turned out great (like stir-fry wraps for the vegetarians, and gnocchi in pesto and a gorgeous fruit platter). First the bride and her mom and grandmother, then the hair & makeup people, then the photographers. Everyone was fed and happy and looked forward to the rest of the day.

With professionals like hair & makeup expert Adi Solomon and photographer Haim Ariat, we could only expect perfection. When groom Saar arrived, it all went perfectly. He met her in front of friends and family, she looked stunning, everyone was thrilled, the photographers documented every moment and word has it that the rest of the evening was a night to remember. 

Next morning, breakfast and off they went. Mazal Tov Yifat & Saar - wishing you years and years and years of joy and happiness!