Aliyah to Romance

Its hard enough to find romance. But to find romance in a new country? WOW! That's a project. Yet that's exactly what Ashley & James did.
Ashley, a thin slip of a girl with an obviously strong character, decided to make Aliyah from the US. Although she had spent her life in New York & New Jersey, her original roots called out to her. She landed in Tel Aviv. Apparently James, a lad from England, had a similar idea. And guess where they met? In ulpan! How perfect is that?

Once the decision to marry came to fruition, the next decision was to marry in Caesarea. And from there, where to prepare for the wedding? At Casa Cala of course - the best bridal suite there is - especially for a wedding in Caesarea. 

We had the honor of hosting Ashley and her family & friends. What a fun, happy group! You could tell how much these women loved each other - they all flew in from the US to be with Ashley on the most important day of her life. They surrounded her with love as she got ready. Ahsley's team included Royi Hemo who did the makeup and hair and Ido Skaat & his team for photography.

Looking exquisite in a Lihi Hod sheath with an off the shoulder V-neck bodice, Ashley & James had their "first meet" next to the Casa Cala pool and it was dreamy. 

Wishing this lovely couple endless moments of joy - in their new marriage and their new homeland.