Anne has always loved entertaining and her favorite place to hang around is the kitchen. She wrote a food and lifestyle column in the Jerusalem Post for many years, which led to writing a cookbook, and then another and another. She loves feeding family and friends, so it made perfect sense to do the same for guests.

Every guest at Casa Cala receives some of Anne's goodies. Those who take part in the Bridal Package lunch are treated to a full meal of them. The bride and her team dine in the Main Dining Room or outside on the terrace and enjoy a delicious buffet (champagne included!). Or our bride might choose to enjoy a basket full of delicous sandwiches on crusty country bread accompanied by fresh salads. Whichever, Its a perfect time to relax, have a laugh and take a breather from the exciting atmosphere of one's wedding day. 

Many other meals can be arranged at Casa Cala - from pre-wedding rehearsal dinners to post-wedding brunches. Sometimes Anne does the cooking, sometimes catering is brought in and sometimes a private chef is hired - just depends on the needs of the guest. Whatever you decide - you will never go hungry at Casa Cala!