Danielle & Gad

Danielle & Gad in love Danielle & Gad in love
  • Photographer: Roman Balashov Photographer & Adam Frimer Videographer
  • Makeup: Karin Giron Makeup & Assaf Levy Hairstylist
  • Wedding Venue: Cochav HaYam
Their Story

Family Fun & Love!

They were looking for a villa in Caesarea, or a boutique hotel, a place to get ready for their wedding. They had already booked a place they weren't so happy with when the owner called and canceled. And then they found us - and we're so happy they did.

Oh my god was there love in the air here! There were about 16 family members and friends bringing joy and happiness to Danielle as she got ready on her big day. And then the groom Gad showed up and what laughter! You can tell how much this adorable couple is loved - everyone was beaming with joy.

It was truly an unforgettable experience.