Sharon & Ofir

  • Photographer: Eyal Baram
  • Makeup: Sharon Maimon
  • Wedding Venue: Cochav HaYam
Their Story

Love you guys!
Every couple that gets ready at Casa Cala leaves a special mark. Some are quiet and shy and cling together like little lovebirds. Others are talkative and joyful and want to experience everything. Sharon & Ofir was that kind and they left joy and laughter and love in their tracks. 

Sharon came with her best friend and her mother the night before and the good times began! The next day the makeup and hair professional, lunch, photographers, videographers, action! Even the groom and his brother managed to grab some of the delicious lunch (we ushered the bride away of course so they didn't meet). And while Ofir waited at the pool's edge, his beautiful bride came out from the house, touched him on the shoulder and THEY KISSED! 

The next morning the couple was glowing and we felt so lucky to share those moments with them.