Lee & Yahav

  • Photographer: H & A Photography
  • Makeup: Tal Farkash
  • Wedding Venue: Eco in Hadera
Their Story

Happy Family!

There are times when you meet people that you just want to hang onto and not lose the connection. This was such a time!

Lee's mom Ellen came to Casa Cala since it was a type of boutique hotel near Hadera. And Eco in Hadera was where the wedding was - on a Friday morning, the last day of March. We connected immediately and I had no doubt that I would love hosting this bride.

They started to arrive on Thursday afternoon, Ellen and her family from the US. Then the bride and her sister. The Bridal Suite & the Groom's Apartment were all theirs. Among the treats waiting for them was the famous house mandlebread, dates and delicious pistachio halvah. 

Friday morning everyone was up early. Makeup artist Tal Farkash arrived and started working on the bride. Ofra from Caesarea came over to do the others' hair. Then the photography team of H&A Photography showed up and lots of excitement ensued. When the groom Yahav arrived with his best mad there he had a bevy of gorgeous women here anticipating his arrival. He came with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for his future mother-in-law and a single stemmed rose for his beautiful bride. And then the moment when they met. MAGIC!