Rona & Yogev

  • Photographer: Photography People
  • Makeup: Boaz Ozeri & Inbal Margalit
  • Wedding Venue: Cochav HaYam
Their Story

Lovely Rona was just the sweetest. And with her fabulous family and friends around her - it was all perfect!

They made the arrangements to stay at Casa Cala long ago - and it was so wonderful to finally host them. All the calmness and joy turned to sheer excitement when the groom was about to show up. WOW. He waited by the pool; friends, family, professionals and photographers were all there too and then the big moment happened! Rona came from behind, tapped him on the shoulder and Voila! Love at First Sight!

Wishing Rona & Yogev happines always!

Video Credit: People Photography