Mel & Avi

  • Photographer: Assaf Revivo
  • Makeup: Mel Atlas Bueno
  • Hair: Hana Bloch
  • Wedding Venue: Caesar Yam
Their Story

When Mel Atlas Bueno decided to get ready at Casa Cala for her wedding, we were excited. She's a professional makeup artist and it meant the world that she chose us. 

As she coudln't be certain that anyone could make up her face exactly as she wanted, this very brave bride decided to do it on her own. The results were gorgeous! She chose her friend, the talented Hana Block, to whip up a fabulous hairstyle and Assaf Revivo capture it all on film.

Mel's mom was here from London to join in the festivities and was glowing all day.

The magical moment arrived and Mel met her handsome groom Avi at the edge of the pool. And not only that - their precious pooch Mali joined them.

Mazal Tov to the fabulous pair - Mel and Avi!