Lital & Tom

Bride & Groom Meet Bride & Groom Meet
  • Photographer: Dror Sithakol
  • Hair: Assaf Levi
  • Wedding Venue: Al Hayam
Their Story

There's nothing more exciting when a family joins a bride & groom for photography on their wedding day. And at Casa Cala, we're priviliged to see it happen often!

Lital arrived the night before her wedding with her mother, sisters and close friends. They had the Upper Level Bridal Suite and the Lower Level Groom's apartment all to themselves and the house was full of joy and laughter. And... they got to enjoy the pool in the evening before the wedding and have a mini bachelorette party.

The professional team joined them for lunch, then the very talented photographer Dror Sithakol showed up to document this exciting day. The groom arrived with his family - and the photo session began! The moment the bride and groom met - you could just feel the excitement in the air.

As Lital & Tom have so many beloved friends, we had a full house sleeping over at Casa Cala - many of their besties came back after the wedding to sleep here. What a memorable experience. Mazal Tov to Lita & Tom and their fabulous families!