Gal & Tamir

Their Story

Sweets for the Sweet!

She sounded so sweet on the phone. No wonder - she's a sweets maker! (Or "condudorit" as they say in Hebrew). A skilled hi-tech worker by day, and a serious baker by night, Gal was determined to get ready in a private villa - and she found one - Casa Cala in Caesarea.

The wedding was in ECO - Hadera, so the short distance made perfect sense. She came with her mom and friends and they enjoyed a lovely evening before waking up to the big day. And those cakes she brought with her. WOW! (Her business name is "Nishikot"). 

Groom Tamir got ready in the Groom's Apartment downstairs - so he and his friends had a great place to hang out and relax. 

Gal's creativity doesn't end at cakes - just look at her bridal bouquet - its crocheted! How cool is that!

This adorable couple is undoubedtly in for a lifetime of fun and happiness!