Elinor & Mor

  • Photographer: Haim Afriat
  • Videographer: Nir Tennenbaum
  • Makeup: Naor Appel
  • Hair: Ziv Amsalem
  • Wedding Venue: Al HaYam
Their Story

The groom wanted everything to be perfect! 

Mor made the calls to Casa Cala and came here to check on everything. You could tell how in love he was by the way he asked questions and insisted on the best. Elinor had expressed interest, Mor made it happen. They wanted an exclusive villa for their special day and Casa Cala provided the ideal setting. The feeling had to be luxury, but comfortable, and that's exactly what kind of place Casa Cala is - elegance and comfort in a boutique B&B just for brides.

She arrived with her mother and sister - all the guest rooms in the villa were reserved to insure the couple's privacy. The best possible team of makeup, hair, photographer and videographer were chosen - so that the couple could be relaxed knowing they were in the very best hands.

A large lunch buffet was served to all, and the preparations continued into the late afternoon. Because of iffy weather, the "first meeting" took place in the formal living room of Casa Cala - and the photos were spectacular. 

This was indeed a project of love for all invovlved - the shining faces of the couple in love, their closets friends and family around them, and the professionals they chose to be with them on this very important day in their lives. 

We know that Mor & Elinor are in for a full, rich lifetime of love and happiness!