Yehudit & Elyassaf

Yehudit & Elyassaf - in love! Yehudit & Elyassaf - in love!
Their Story

Perfect Shots!

  • Yehudit & Elyassaf planned on arriving after their wedding, just to spend the night.
  • And then Elyassaf decided to get dressed here, right before heading out to the venue.
  • And then, well it just seemed like such a shame not to have them use the beautiful garden for their wedding photography so... that's just what happened!
  • We got busy on the phone, convinced Yehduit to come over here for some fabulous pictures and Voila! The whole wedding party arrived, along with their friend and her picnic basket of goodies as well as the photography team and amazing pictures resulted! And then still got to have their romantic honeymoon at Casa Cala that night!