Night Before at Casa Cala

The celebration of your wedding starts the night before at Casa Cala. How great is that!

One of the options at Casa Cala is to arrive the night before the big day. Sometimes the bride comes with her mother and sister, or her 2 best friends. Sometimes she arrives with her husband-to-be. The Bridal Suite is waiting for her – with its two lovely bedrooms, lounge, kitchenette and terraces. 

The bride and her besties usually spend a quiet night relaxing, reminiscing, drinking a glass of wine, ordering food in, and lounging on the terrace or even going for a swim (in the summer). Sometimes they visit the Caesarea Harbor and have dinner there. Or they can treat themselves to massages in the Spa Room on the main floor.

She'll go to bed at a reasonable hour, closing the draperies of the room if she wants to prevent the sunlight from streaming in in the morning. She can choose between the charming White Room with its romantic canopy over the bed or the Garden Room with its exotically designed headboard and footboard. She settles into the comfy king-size bed with its fluffy comforter and silky feeling sheets.

Awaking in the morning feeling refreshed and excited, she goes downstairs (or better yet sends her bridesmaid) to pick up the Continental breakfast waiting for them outside the main kitchen. After enjoying her breakfast, perhaps on her terrace, she’s ready to start her day – The Wedding Day!

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