Wedding Day at Casa Cala

There's no place more perfect to prepare for your wedding than Casa Cala. Really!

It’s your wedding day! Our bride has either arrived the night before and wakes up to in a comfy bed, with a lovely Continental breakfast waiting for her or she arrives sometime in the morning with a few of her favorite people.

Soon her team shows up – the makeup artist, the hairstylist and perhaps an assistant or two. They get busy making our bride the most beautiful she can be. The natural light in the Bridal lounge provides a perfect backdrop for the professionals to work in – with an east and west-facing terrace – they love it here!

The Bridal Suite Lounge has everything you and your dream team need – you don’t have to think or ask us for anything – we’ve already provided it!

Around 1:00 it’s time for lunch – for all of you! Served buffet style in the Main Floor Kitchen (Anne’s internationally recognized professional chef kitchen!), you sit in the Dining Room with its view of the the beautiful garden, pool and golf course beyond and you take a break to eat and drink and enjoy laughs with your closest of friends and family. And of course your team is with you and they’re so grateful that you’ve thought of them! It’s a perfect way to take a break during this very exciting, exhilarating day – and nourish yourself because you may not remember to eat at the wedding! (Anne is always worried about her brides and making sure they don’t go hungry)

Then you’re back upstairs to finish the makeup and hairstyling, the photographer and videographer usually show up around now and your final steps in getting ready are now being recorded.

Soon it’s time. The groom is about show up and you will see him for the very first time on this amazing day in both of your lives. The thrill in the air is palpable! The “first meeting” is usually arranged outside around the pool or upstairs in the lounge, or even in Anne’s beautiful living room if the weather is not cooperating.

You meet! You kiss! He is full of love for you and there may even be a tear in his eye as he sees how beautiful you are and he knows that in a matter of hours, you will become his wife!

When the couple leave here, they’re off perhaps to another romantic photo location or perhaps straight to the venue. Usually the besties stay here for a bit to finish their makeup and hair.

The Wedding! We can’t help you with that – but we hope it’s an absolutely fabulous experience!

Back to Casa Cala after the wedding and your entire suite awaits you – only now you’re no longer laughing and hanging around with your best friends. Now you’ve come back with your Number One Best Friend – and your new life has begun.


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